Adverse Drug Reaction Alert - gene

About the ADRAlert-gene

The adverse drug reaction (ADR) is a severe clinical pharmacology/toxicology problem that has caused immense medical and social burdens. It is a key concern of precision medicine, and a major cause of new drug discovery failure.

The Adverse Drug Reaction Alert - gene (ADRAlert-gene) is a network-based web server for rapid broad-spectrum drug safety profiling. ADRAlert-gene builds on a finely trained naïve Bayesian model with genome wide gene-ADR association network. It suggests a gene-based systematic exploration of ADR mechanism, which is applicable to most common ADRs. ADRAlert-gene will help pharmacogenetics researchers prioritize their clinical pharmacogenetics tests for safe drug therapy. It may also enhance the successful rate of new drug discovery by reducing the drug safety problems in clinical trials.


Xiang, Y.P., Liu, K., Cheng, X.Y., Cheng, C., Gong, F., Pan,J.B. & Ji, Z.L.. Rapid Assessment of Adverse Drug Reactions by Statistical Solution of Gene Association Network. IEEE/ACM Trans. Comput. Biol. Bioinform. 12, 844-850 (2015).

Model Statistics

Data Type Count
Drugs 365
ADRs 1,156
Genes 8,571
Drug-ADR Pairs 38,761
Drug-Gene Pairs 20,867
Gene-ADR Pairs (up-regulation) 2,379,235
Gene-ADR Pairs (down-regulation) 1,428,369

News & Updates

  2018/08  UPDATE! A mirror site( is deployed for more availability and stable access.